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“Courage Unbuilding”

Lecture & Studio Review, Denkraum #14, Lehrstuhl Affective Architectures ETH Zürich

Introduction to Generative AI tools for “Courage Unbuilding” (Prof. An Fonteynne)

„This semester, we will work with you to find the courage to start removing. We will remove clutter, we will remove additions that don’t work, we will remove layers that get in the way of interaction and exchange. We will cut and might split. Sometimes gently like a surgeon, sometimes brusquely and directly without too much caution. And by doing this, we will add. We will add spatial possibilities, architectural quality and even space. We will add surprise and comfort. All at the same time. To grow, we will de-grow. To build, we will unbuild. Together with Digital Building Technologies, the Chair of Benjamin Dillenburger, we will critically explore the role of AI to speculate on affective futures beyond our imagination, by exploring a constant interaction between visual essays and written fictions.“